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Preoperative Evaluations

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Preoperative Evaluations

Preoperative Evaluations services offered in Beverly Hills, CA

Undergoing surgery of any kind comes with certain risks. Whether you’re considering having orthopedic surgery to correct an injury or a cosmetic procedure to improve your appearance, it’s important to ensure you’re as safe as possible. At the practice of David Ramin, M.D., Dr. Ramin provides preoperative evaluations for patients in Beverly Hills, California, to determine if they have any conditions that might increase their risk of complications. To schedule an appointment, call the office or request an appointment online.

Preoperative Evaluations Q&A

Why do I need a preoperative evaluation?

Having a preoperative evaluation helps ensure that you have a lower risk of complications. If you have an underlying medical condition, such as cardiovascular disease or a disorder that affects your immune system, you could face a higher risk of infections or other complications. 

Your preoperative evaluation gives Dr. Ramin a chance to take your underlying medical condition into consideration and recommend ways to reduce these risks.

What kinds of evaluations does Dr. Ramin offer?

Dr. Ramin can provide you with a preoperative evaluation for spine surgery or orthopedic surgery if you have an injury or illness that causes problems with your musculoskeletal system. He can also do a preoperative evaluation for neurological surgery if you have problems with your nervous system. If you’re having cosmetic surgery, which isn’t considered a medically necessary procedure, you should also have a preoperative evaluation done beforehand.

What does Dr. Ramin look for during a preoperative evaluation?

Dr. Ramin checks your medical history and focuses specifically on factors that could increase your risk of complications, such as bleeding problems and cardiopulmonary problems. If you’ve had any problems with alcohol or drug use in the past or present, this will also be taken into consideration. Dr. Ramin also reviews the medications you’re taking to ensure that these won’t increase your risk of bleeding, blood clots, or other surgical complications.

Will I have to make any changes before surgery?

If you plan on going ahead with surgery, Dr. Ramin will suggest methods for making sure you’re as healthy as possible. For example, he might recommend that you stop smoking for a certain period before having surgery. If you take any medications that might increase your risk of complications, Dr. Ramin might recommend not taking them before your procedure.

What happens if surgery is considered too risky for me?

Dr. Ramin might suggest going for additional testing, depending on why surgery is too much of a risk for you. He might also provide you with other options for treatment if you end up being unable to have surgery.

If you need to schedule a preoperative evaluation, please call David Ramin, M.D., or make an appointment online.